Audience Q&A

To access the Q&A feature, go to Play Mode (play tab) on top and select Enable Feedback. When feedback is enabled you’ll find a ”Share PIN” button beneath it.

Your audience will have to access that URL and enter the six digit sequence to comment:

You can choose to end the feedback session after you’ve finished your presentation or you can leave it open, and it will close itself after 48 hours.

To see your presentations feedback access the presentation panel in the Q&A Section. Here you'll find each feedback session for a particular presentation. As you can see below, in the upper part of this section you'll find the question/feedback that is "most voted" by your audience and the most recent question/feedback sent.

Give Feedback or Ask a Question

Your audience will view a window that looks like any chatting service. They can give you feedback on your presentation, ask a question about it and even vote for other questions. 


Feedback and Knowledge Base