Edit Presentation Timeline

Time management is a struggle for most of us. That's why we created an easy way to set the duration of your presentation.

You can find the time bar in the lower part of your dashboard.


1. Set time individually for each slide.

Change the duration per slide by clicking on any time rectangle and insert the number of minutes you want that slide to be active.

Time for the current slide you’re working on is written in green in the rectangle below.  

Note: You can either insert a number or use the and from your keyboard.

If you double click on a tile within the timeline it will open the slides whose time you wish to edit.

2. Set the duration per presentation

In the left of the time bar, you’ll find a section where you can set the duration of the whole presentation. This feature will help with time management because you’ll either create just enough slides for your presentation or better distribute the time per slide.

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