Position and Lock

When you click on any element it opens a sidebar menu, in the left of your dashboard. Choose "Position" to modify its position and alignment.

Text blocks will also have shadows.

The “lock element in place” option will lock the chosen element so that you cannot move or delete it. When the lock is green you’ll know the element is saved in his position.

You can lock an element using the "Lock element in place" checkbox or by clicking the lock icon in the upper-right side of the element.

When working with more elements you can arrange one’s stacking order by using the "Forward", "Backward", "Front", "Back properties".

For a preset position, you can choose the alignment options "Align Left", "Align Horizontal Center", "Align Right", "Align Top", "Align Vertical Center" or "Align Bottom".

These properties can also be accessed if you right-click on any element and access its context menu.

Use W and H properties to set the exact width and height of the elements.

Use the T and L properties to set the exact position of the element on your canvas.

To modify the angle of your element use the Skew X-Axis and Skew Y-Axis.

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