Create & Set Up your Presentation

After you’ve logged in, this welcome screen allows you to create a new presentation using a template or start from blank.

You can find all our available templates on To search for a particular themed template filter them by category or use the search bar in the upper part of the page. After you've selected how you want to create your new presentation, the presentation panel from the left offers you a few options like: like the possibility to change the presentation title, add tags to it, set the duration or add a due date. If you add a due date, you can also choose to get an email notification about it. 

Setting up your presentation

You can edit your presentations name in the main menu, on top of your dashboard. When working with a template, this will have the template’s name.

Assign how much time you want your presentation to last by using the timeline in the lower part of your dashboard. You can set time individually for each slide, or you can set a total time, which applies to your entire presentation. Read more about the Timeline feature here.

Presentation Options

Access the main menu in the upper left part of your dashboard and click on the  gear next to the presentation name. 

Then this panel opens which allows you to add tags, select the duration and choose a due date. Write tags separated by commas; this will help you find your presentation much easier.

Slide Properties

Access the gear icon on any slide in the slide list. Then check the sidebar menu on the right. Here you can add a slide’s title, add notes (which will be displayed when you activate the Remote Control Feature).

You can also change that slide’s background: by either adding a new image, changing its color, resetting it, applying it to all existing slides or making that specific background a default for the entire presentation. Changing the background of a presentation slide can also be done with a right-click on the slide. 

Default Text

To set a default text format for your entire presentation just click on the text tool and edit the defaults for each type of text you’ll use in your presentation: Title, Subtitle, Normal text.

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