The Editor

Welcome to "The Editor", designed to help you focus on what matters most: your story. The Editor contains the following:

The Content Sidebar

Check out the sidebar on the right of your screen. Here you'll find all the elements necessary for a nifty looking presentation: text, images, shapes and charts.

Note: When selecting an element in your slide this sidebar will also show you all the editing properties the selected element has.

Main Menu

In the upper part of your dashboard, you can find the main menu.

The top menu allows you to change the name of your presentation, animate it using transitions and play it. Also, for easier access, in the top-right part of the menu, you'll find a few buttons meant to ease your journey through our app: New (from blank or template), Templates and My presentations. 

If you change your mind about an edit that you made, you can use the undo/redo buttons here.

In “Profile” you can also add or change your account details (Your name, surname, email, password).

The Presentation Timeline

Situated at the bottom of your dashboard, the timeline helps you organize your presentation to follow a particular schedule. You can set different times for each slide individually or the entire presentation.

Follow this link to learn more about how you can set up your presentation for a timely delivery.

The Slide list

In the left part of the dashboard, you can find the slide list which allows you to navigate and search through all your slides, create new ones using our layouts or start from scratch.

The gear icon which appears when you hover on a slide in the slide list opens Slide Properties. You can also duplicate that slide or delete it.

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