Getting Started

After you’ve logged in, this welcome screen dives you right into making presentations. Let’s see where’s what: 

As you can see, the welcome screen is divided into two general sections. The Presentation Panel on the left and the Templates/Presentation List on the right.

The Templates List

In the right part of this welcome screen, you'll find all our templates. To help you decide which one you like best, we added the possibility to divide them by category and added the search option. Each template has various tags that describe them.

After you've created your first presentation, you can always come back to it by accessing "My presentations."

The Presentation Panel

The left part of the welcome screen is reserved for the presentation panel. You'll notice two major sections: a large template preview and the presentation properties.

This panel is meant to help you customize essential details about your presentation: its name, tags, a due date and its duration. If you choose a due date for your presentation, you can also choose if you would like to gen an email notification about it.

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