Transitions (Arrange Slides)

Our Transitions feature allows you to arrange the way your slides will be displayed. The Transitions Tab is listed right next to the Play button on top of your dashboard and will give you an overview of the entire presentation.

After the presentation is all done you can go to the Transitions tab and customize your slides positions, add 3D effects which will reflect how the presentation will play.

When selecting a slide in Transitions, you can see two buttons appearing in the upper left corner of that slide. One adds 3D effects and the other resets them.

You can arrange them in 4 predefined basic formats: grid, circle, wave & accordion, and place them in one of our 50 transition sets.

Below is an example of accordion setup

Don't worry if your presentation exceeds the number of slide placeholders; they'll be placed in a cascade format, or you can arrange them as you wish by moving them around.

Each template has a custom designated transition set.

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